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Best of TaxGarden

TaxGarden facilitates its clients in unique ways with best value adds at all times. Our proven strength across the entire strategy and insight is here to make tax less taxing for the commons.

TaxGarden is your Smart Tax Buddy that will ease out your Simple Personal Tax Filing process. Whether if it e-filing or paper filing, you are sure to experience a real stress-free tax return filing experience. With our adept tax engine and user-friendly interface that escorts you through the process seamlessly, everything is possible. The engine automatically recognizes the best tax breaks to pile in more savings to your pocket. Being a self-help portal, TaxGarden covers every aspect of 1040EZ return filing. Every single updates in tax law has been taken into consideration while framing the intuitive questions, so that the user does not miss any part of their income and expense information. The Best of TaxGarden is here for you to know how much we are committed to serve you.

FREE is Really FREE:

When we say that Federal Return is absolutely FREE of cost, and we live by it totally. There is no additional cost or any hidden fee to calculate Earned Income Credits. You may try and file your Federal Return for FREE. You can try your State return for free until the filing option to see the refund we get you. Our refund meter will show your refund amount instantly- if you are happy, you can pay just $11.99 to file or Print your return. Transparent & standard pricing policy is followed irrespective of the credits received by the taxpayer.

Underpayment Penalty is Covered:

We know this might be a little whack on your nose, underpayment penalties can jump like a nasty surprise and add an extra burden always. At TaxGarden, we help you get equipped time in ahead- we calculate the underpayment penalty for you- How many of those fancy software cares to do this for their 1040EZ filers?

Safe Record Retention:

Your return is safe with us even after you have filed. There is no down time or data loss in case of any catastrophic events. Once you have gone online for filing your taxes with us, you are creating a permanent electronic record for your future reference – this will cut down time on data entry. You won't have to dig through those giant stacks of paper again next year.

Making E-file Easier:

You no longer need to waste paper or time printing, assembling, and sending your returns, and the Government Tax Agencies no longer needs to spend time manually entering your paper returns into their electronic databases.

It may be hard to trust an electronic submission system after years of filing and keeping records on paper. So TaxGarden has custom made a utilitarian system that makes preparing, editing, and submitting your electronic submission seamless and quick. The engine thoroughly validates your return before filing to ensure that your return will be accepted without any issue.

E-filing also allows you to track, record, and review all your returns at every step of the filing process. You get enough time to think and rethink about your tax and submit your return when you are really ready- literally anytime, anywhere. It’s certainly the best possible way to file your returns efficiently and with total peace of mind.

Filing your returns electronically is a lot easier than said!

Paper File The Better Way:

If you feel happy with the old school way of paper filing your return, we can still help you do it better. Are you someone who doesn’t feel good about going online with you taxes yet? We’ll help you omit the manual errors you may make with the forms and make Paper filing a Pleasure!

Trust us. You can kick those calculation errors and typos this year effortlessly. All the deductions and credits you are eligible for will be checked in for maximum refunds. When you are done and good to go, just print it out and do your usual thing.

We are happy and fortunate to have such amazing users as you make what we do possible. Try us out this year as we are here with the all new HEALTH CARE LAW and lots more for an all new tax filing experience. You can start to file your return from your PC at home, login back with your smart phone on the move, and finish it with a Tab after dinner. We are there with you anywhere, anytime, anyhow!