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As Tax filing is done with a simple push of a button, there are very less chances that you could miss the Tax Day. If you cannot file by the deadline due to an inevitable reason, you just have to request an extension either electronically or by paper option. Always prepare your taxes in advance to avoid last minute rush, interests and penalties.

TaxGarden helps you to be a responsible citizen and lets you pay your taxes on time!

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Personal Tax Extensions:

Form 4868 - Automatic 6-Month Extension – April 18, 2022

Form 2350 - Automatic 6-Month Extension and 2 extra months – June 15, 2022

Business Tax Extensions:

Business Type Tax Return Due Date for Extension Application Extension App Form Extended Return Due
Sole proprietor / Single-member LLC Form 1040, Schedule C April 18 4868 October 17
Partnership / Multiple Member LLC business Form 1065 for business March 15 7004 September 15
Partnership / Multiple Member LLC owner Form 1040, Schedule K-1 (partner version) for owner April 18 4868 October 17
S Corporation business Form 1120-S March 15 7004 September 15
S Corporation owner Form 1040, Schedule K-1 (S corp. version) for owner April 18 4868 October 17
Corporation Form 1120 April 18 for December 31 fiscal year 7004 October 17

The exact due date for a specific year may change if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday.

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