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Form GA 500EZ:

This is Georgia individual income tax short return form that is intended for state residents for filing their income tax. Form 500 EZ is for Georgia residents who have made less than $100,000 in a year and are not over the age of 65. Residents can also use the form if they do not have any dependents and are a full-time resident of the state of Georgia. If taxpayer earns their income from other than normal wages or tips, like from property, they won’t be able to use this form.

Eligibility Rules for filing Georgia State Tax Return Using GA 500EZ:

  • Taxpayer must be a resident for the entire Tax Year.
  • Taxpayer should not be blind.
  • Taxpayer should not be over 65 years old.
  • Taxpayer’s filing status must be Single or Married Filing Jointly.
  • Taxpayer must have No Dependents.
  • Income from wages, salaries, tips, taxable scholarship, dividend income and interest income are only reportable.
  • Total Federal Adjusted Gross Income must be less than or equal to $99,999.
  • No adjustment to income deductions such as student loan interest deduction, IRA deduction can be made.
  • No adjustment to Georgia income like addition or subtraction can be made.
  • Standard Deduction is only applicable.
  • State Withholding from Form W2 and 1099 is only reportable.
  • Exemption includes Personal Exemption for Taxpayer and Spouse.
  • The only credit applicable on Form 500 EZ is Low Income Tax Credit and only if Federal AGI is less than $20,000.

Form GA 500:

This is personal income return form is designed for Georgia Residents, Nonresidents and Part-year Residents to report their annual income to the State. The form has provisions to include taxpayers’ income, marital status as well as space to report any children or dependents they may have. By filling out the form, taxpayers will see if they owe any money to the state or if they may receive a refund.

Form GA 500 is used by.

  • An Individual who is resident in Georgia and those who are not eligible for Form 500 EZ can file Form 500 Georgia Individual Income tax return.
  • An Individual who is Part-year Resident or Nonresident in Georgia can File Form 500 tax return and attachment Form Schedule 3.

Schedule 1:

Form Schedule1 is a separate form for reporting any Georgia Adjustments made to the income. This means that if there are any differences between Federal and Georgia income or Georgia deduction, the difference amount will be treated as Georgia Adjustment. Adjustments made to Georgia income are of two types known as addition and subtraction.

  • Georgia Addition: The Income which is not reported in Federal but taxable in the state return is Georgia Additions.
  • Georgia Subtraction: The Income which is reported in Federal but not taxable in the state return is Georgia Subtractions.

Schedule 2:

Taxpayer can claim the following tax credits by attaching Schedule 2 along with their tax return.

  • Low Income Tax Credits
  • Other State Tax Credit
  • Credits from Form Schedule IND – CR
  • Low or Zero Emission Vehicle Credit
  • Clean Energy Property Credit

Schedule 3:

Georgia Taxable Income earned while as Nonresident or Part-year Resident of Georgia is determined with Schedule 3 and is attached along with the main form. Income earned in another state while as Georgia resident is taxable but other state tax credit may apply to avoid double taxing in this case.

Form IND CR:

Form IND CR is used by individual taxpayers who wish to claim credit for home purchases or child and dependent care expenses. To qualify for this credit, the taxpayer must be a permanently disabled individual, and must have a valid and permanent parking permit issued by the Department of Revenue.

Georgia Form IND-CR can also be filed for the following credit claims:

  • Disabled Persons Home Purchase or Retrofit Credit.
  • Child and Dependent Care Expense Credit.
  • Georgia National Guard/Air National Guard Credit.
  • Qualified Care giving Expense Credit.
  • Driver Education Credit.
  • Disaster Assistance Credit.
  • Rural Physicians Credit.
  • Adoption of a Foster Child Credit.
  • Eligible Single-Family Residence Tax Credit.

Form 500UET:

Georgia Taxpayers may use this form to determine if the income tax they paid throughout the year was sufficient by means of withholdings or installment payments. In case the taxpayer did not pay sufficient amount of income tax, they are subjective for a 9% penalty for every year the amount is unpaid. Form 500 Underpayment of Estimated Tax also helps taxpayers to see if they had done overpayments so that they can claim it as a credit against their next installment.