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IL 1040

This main form is used by all Illinois individual taxpayers to report their annual income to determine the tax they owe or refund they are due. Let’s see who needs to file it below:

  • If a taxpayer was not required to file a federal income tax return, but their Illinois base income from Line 9 is greater than their Illinois exemption allowance, they are required to file IL-1040.
  • Students are not exempted from tax. However, incomes like certain scholarships or fellowships, that are not taxable under federal income tax law, are also not taxed by Illinois.
  • A Taxpayer, who worked in Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, or Wisconsin, must file Form IL-1040 and include any compensation received from an employer in these states.

IL 1040V

An Illinois Resident, Part- year and Nonresident who has a payment due to the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) will have to attach IL-1040V along with the main form IL-1040.

Schedule NR

Nonresidents and Part-year Residents of Illinois are supposed to attach Schedule NR along with the main form to consolidate all the income that is taxed by Illinois during the tax year and to figure their Illinois Income Tax.

Schedule M

Residents, Nonresidents and Part-year Residents of Illinois who have Additions and Subtractions in their individual tax return use Schedule M. This form allows them to figure the total amount of additions they must include on Form IL-1040, Line 3 and subtractions they may claim on Form IL-1040, Line 7.

Schedule CR

A resident or a part-year resident of Illinois who paid income tax to another state on income they earned while they were an Illinois resident is reported in Schedule CR. Taxpayers may use this credit only if they filed a required tax return with the other state, they must use information from the tax return they filed with the other state to complete Schedule CR.

  • Part-year Residents of Illinois may only take a credit on income earned while as a resident of Illinois.
  • Nonresidents of Illinois may not take a credit on Illinois Schedule CR.

Schedule ICR

Schedule ICR allows taxpayer to figure out property tax, and earned income credits they may claim in Form IL-1040, Individual Income Tax Return.

  • Property Tax Credit- This is a credit that can be claimed by Illinois residents and part- year residents for the Illinois property taxes they paid on their principal residence.
  • Illinois Earned Income Credit-Resident, Part-year and Nonresident of Illinois, who qualify for a federal Earned Income Credit (EIC), automatically qualify for the Illinois Earned Income Credit.

Schedule G

Illinois Taxpayers who wish to contribute to one or more charitable contribution funds while filing their personal income tax in any whole-dollar amount of $1 or more will have to attach Schedule G along with their main form. The following are the funds for which taxpayers can make contributions to:

  • Wildlife Preservation Fund
  • Child Abuse Prevention Fund
  • Alzheimer’s disease Research Fund
  • Assistance to the Homeless Fund
  • Penny Severns Breast, Cervical, and Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
  • Military Family Relief Fund
  • Diabetes Research Fund

IL 2210

Illinois taxpayers who want to figure penalties they may owe if they did not make timely estimated payments or pay the tax they owe by the original due date, or file a return that can be processed by the extended due date should attach IL 2210 along with the main form.